Welcome to the 5th Post ICS IUGA Meeting in the Netherlands!

January, 19-20, 2017

abafiHOLLAND and ProFundum Education




organize in collaboration the post ICS IUGA meeting, This meeting will host (pelvic) physiotherapists, midwives and geriatric physiotherapist. The meeting will be held at the Postillion hotel Bunnik in the centre area of the Netherlands. Meet with likeminded professionals and enjoy a full day of workshops, plus one day of presentations of (inter)national speakers who visited the IUGA and ICS meeting of 2016. Translators will be available to support registrants participating in all discussions that will take place. Please note, that special discounts are available when a pelvic physiotherapist is participating with a midwife or geriatric physiotherapy colleague.

Abstracts can be send in by physiotherapists and midwives of the theses they wrote finishing their studies in 2016. Prices will be available for best abstracts of midwives, pelvic physiotherapists and geriatric physiotherapists.


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